Reasons  to go Surfing in Costa Rica


If you travel to Costa Rica, you will notice that almost every second person around you has a surfboard. You will see that most of these people are usually on their way to some of the famous surfing destinations in Costa Rica like Witches Rock where Endless Summer II, the popular surfing movie was filmed in 1994. There are a lot of surfers who like to visit the beaches to the north and to the south of Tamarindo which is among the most popular cities for a vacation in Costa Rica.

And you will not be able to say that you truly experienced surfing in Costa Rica unless you spend a little time in Jaco, the party town with great beaches. Jaco is home to a few of the best beaches in the world like Playa Hermosa which is well known for the annual Quicksilver International Surf Championships.

A lot of surfers even prefer visiting the Pavones beach near the south Pacific coast. This beach has the 2nd longest wave in the whole world.

But even though a lot of people prefer surfing on the Pacific coast, the Caribbean coast isn't too bad either. This is especially true when it comes to the small town of Puerto Viejo where you can find a perfect mix of Caribbean and Costa Rican culture. And because of the recent influx of tourism, the town even has a lot of international influences in its culture. You will find visitors from South America to Eastern Europe in this little town.

This town is home to an eclectic community of people and you will find the Salsa Brava here which will remind most Hawaiian’s of home. Just remember that the waves here aren't for beginners, they'll tell you that in any of the Costa Rica surf camps too. So if you haven't surfed before in your life, it's best to try another beach in Costa Rica.

The Cochles beach is around a mile below Puerto Viejo on the map and has been awarded an Ecological Blue Flag because of the excellent quality of its water. You will find huge swells here with breaks to the left and to the right. This beach is extremely popular among the locals and among travelers. And it doesn't even matter if you love surfing or not.

Just a few miles further south you will find Manzanillo Beach which has superb water as well. It has consistent waves for surfing and clear enough water for snorkeling. But if you're heading to this beach to surf, ensure you get your own board as you will have a hard time finding a place to rent a good enough board.

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